Restoring Balance II

Sculpted jade glass, cast bronze, sand
4' x 4' x 8'

The latin roots for "sea" and "mother" are the same: "mer". We know that without water there is no life, just as without women, there would be no life. Our bodies, made mostly of water, are umbilically linked with the life-sustaining rivers, lakes, and oceans that comprise the majority of the body of our planet. Water moves through our landscapes and comes to us as rain and snow to grow the food that feeds us. This hydrologic cycle is a dance: between sun and moon, land and sky, gravity and evaporation, heat and cold,"masculine" and "feminine". Because we have lived in a culture expressing predominantly "masculine" values of intellect, building up, and taking action to meet short-term goals, the harmonious relationships of these forces have swung out of balance. How can the "feminine" qualities of intuition, creativity, and connection restore balance to the planet and meet the long-term needs of all who inhabit her? Like water, the "feminine" is gentle, but strong. Like water, the power of the "feminine" is powerful enough to rise up and reshape the world, restoring balance.