For The City of Bloomington

Bloomington South Loop, Bloomington, MN

Corten steel, sculpted jade glass, fiber optic light

25' x 25' x 2'


Convergence is an icon of the Bloomington South Loop. This piece is inspired by three primary groups of people that make up the South Loop community: visitors, workers and residents. As the roundabout at Lindau Lane and 28th Avenue demands, the sculpture is monumental in scale, reaching 18 feet tall and 15 feet in diameter. Convergence is a landmark in a developing corridor that intersects pedestrian, automotive, and light rail traffic. The sculpted glass in the artwork twinkles as the sunlight passes through it, and the fiber optic LED lightning illuminates the form at night. The lights gradually shift from red to yellow to blue. The three colors represent each of the three primary demographics of the South Loop community.