The iron casting process is just as important as its product--within both James Brenner seeks to harness the fascinating dichotomy between chaos and control. Brenner's molds control the chaos of the molten metal, with the edges serving as parameters for the sculpture to create itself and be witnessed as a spectacle. The random patterning of the surface of the piece is like a topographical mapping of that form, created by nature and controlled by the artist. 

Within Brenner's collaborative public works, the casting process involves working with a community of artists and non-artists to harness the transformative and age-old magic of iron itself. The overall necessity of collaboration among the cast iron community weaves a social fabric enabling the resulting sculptural objects. The participants and observers alike become forever interlaced within the memory of this event. 


8th Annual Paradise Pour

Place: Columbus, In

Date: August 17-22, 2014

Since 2006, James Brenner has organized an annual iron pour and week-long artist residency in Columbus, Indiana. This iron pour, known as the Paradise Pour, is sponsored by the Columbus Area Arts Council.

The 8th Annual Paradise Pour in Columbus, Indiana was August 19-24, 2013. It included an on­site exhibition at Jacksson Contemporary Art, curated by David Kadlec; the opportunity to make sand molds at the Cunningham Foundry; community scratch block workshops and an iron pour with music and BBQ. The resident artists are provided with foundry materials, camping accommodations, discount meal tickets.

7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art

Place: Pedvale Open-Air Museum Latvia

Date: 19 -23 June

The 7th ICCCIA is being hosted at the Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum in Latvia during the week of the national Latvian celebration of the Summer Solstice. This conference will explore the conceptual and aesthetic context of sculptural iron casting and its effect on contemporary art, forms of ritual and the transformation of landscape. 

As a platform for an international educational exchange, the ICCCIA is unprecedented in sculptural history. Artists, students and educators from all over the world work shoulder to shoulder on molds, iron pours and sculpture projects, dialogue side by side on sculptural concepts and aesthetic explorations at panel discussions and presentations, and exhibit sculpture to sculpture in outdoor, experimental and open call exhibitions of art. 


Group Exhibition showcasing international sculptors, 7th ICCCIA and artists from the Kurzeme region of Latvia.

Waldorf Michaelmas North Star Pour

Place: Minnesota Waldorf School

Date: October 26, 2014

A project in conjunction with the Minnesota Waldorf School. James Brenner Sculpture and the 5th + 8th grade classes produced artwork in the form of stars. These stars took the form of five constellations, each defined by an open glowing star and the line of fire, cast during the North Star Performance Pour at the Annual Michaelmas Celebration.

Part of the Michaelmas Celebration and story included a sword and dragon that we casted in iron. 

Studio Crew: Jim Brenner, Andrew Fernandez, Julia Sisson, Meagan Daus, Carolina Borja
Waldorf Team: Gideon Weick, Deborah Dornemann, Master Blacksmith Chris Poor, 6th and 8th Waldorf students
Staff: Mr. Craig, Mrs. Amy, Mr. Curt
Casting Crew: Nick Wells, Elena Lavorato, Brighton McCormick, Amber White, Cassandra Rebn, Woody Shauffer, Carl Otstad, Yousif Del Valle
Photos: Vaara Ostrin
Music: Jaxon Vesely

Franconia North Star Pour


Place: Franconia Sculpture Park. Shaffer, MN.

Date: September 20, 2014

The North Star Event is a performative Cast iron Pour where each star of the Big Dipper is cast in iron.The resulting sculptures will form part of permanent piece at Franconia Sculpture Park.

Team: Jim Brenner, Andrew Fernandez, Carolina Borja, Meagan Daus, Nick Wells, Amber White, Laura Dettle Nelson, Carl Ostad, Woody Stauffer, Cassandra Rebman, Yousif Del Valle, John Hock, Tamsie Ringler

Photographs courtesy of Franconia Sculpture Park