The Innovation Field Backstop is one of a series of projects that are linked together in materials and design to create a cohesive, attractive and unique sense of place. The theme of “Innovation,” which refers to the influences of both Thomas Edison, for whom the nearby high school is named, and Louis Rober, who is credited with bringing the sport of softball to Minneapolis, and who is commemorated in the bronze plaque. Like the other sculptural elements in the park, the top of the backstop has a similar play between the steel and glass: what is revealed and what is concealed as ones perspective changes. The last two letters of the "INNOVATION" text, “ON”, are illuminated with a solar powered LED blue light.

Innovation Field

For The City of Minneapolis.

Jackson Square Park, Minneapolis, MN

COR-TEN steel, sculpted jade glass, solar powered LED lighting

45' x 23' x 15'