Mount Greenwood

For The City of Chicago

Mt. Greenwood Park, Chicago, IL

Steel, stainless steel

50' x 20' x 60'


Four sound sculptures located in Mt. Greenwood Park incorporate the acoustical design of collaborator Jake Worley-Hood. These site-specific sound sculptures integrate the overall design of the park with musical forms and tonal textures. The sculptural instruments are designed to engage creative minds while withstanding years of outdoor use.

Jake Worley-Hood worked to acoustically design a set of instruments to be performed together.  Each piece is tuned to have a stunning tone and to fill a unique position within the ensemble. The pieces reference the spiral motif of the park as well as musical symbols: the treble clef in Spiral Bells, the bass clef in Cosmos Xylophones and spherical note shapes in the form of the Tongue DrumsRainmaker Spheres and Gong Tower. Each instrument in the sculpture is tuned to a pentatonic scale. This grouping of notes originates from the musical tradition of many Asian cultures, and is applied here to avoid a cacophonous clashing of notes.  The opening ceremony included a performance of original music using the sculptures by performers Jake Worley-Hood, Frank Rosaly, Quinn Kirchner, Josh Siegal and Marc Riordan.