The NE Green Light Project serves as a visual representation of how an active and intentional community, working with powerful partners in a rich supporting environment, can educate the public in energy awareness and conservation. In the heart of the Green Campus in the Holland Neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis, this sculptural light installation operates as both a beacon to draw in and educate the larger community and as a catalyst to spur that community to action.

This project consists of a core of six sculptural lights located at the NW corner of the Edison High School parking lot at the intersections of 22nd Avenue NE and Quincy Street NE. The lights range in height from 10 to 12 feet and are fabricated of COR-TEN steel, sculpted and laminated jade green glass, fiber-optic lighting and programmable, color-changing LED lamps. The sculptures are connected to a wireless data management system, so that the color of the lamps will change based on the input of energy conservation data. Initially the lights will be red or orange, representing the current baseline of gas and electricity consumption in the surrounding community, as well as stormwater flow from the parking lot and adjoining alley to storm sewers. As energy conservation improves due to CEE weatherization efforts, the lights will change color, with the ultimate goal of reaching the color green. This dynamic process will serve as an outward and visible symbol of the integration of arts and energy conservation.


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Green Light Project

For CEE.

Edison High School, Minneapolis, MN

COR-TEN steel, sculpted jade glass, LED fiber optic light

15' x 12' x 12'