Franconia North Star Big Dipper Constellation Pour.

September 20th, 2014

29836 St. Croix Trail,

Shafer, MN

The North Star Performance Pour is an alignment of myth, art and process. Eight stars will light up the night with molten metal in honor of  The 18th Annual; Arts & Artist Celebration. The stars represented will include the North Star and the seven brightest stars of the constellation Ursa Major (also known as ʻThe Big Dipper). The cast iron and fire will symbolize the unification of the seven continents under the guidance of the North Star and the joining of heaven and earth. A processional of torch carriers and star casters will simultaneously pour the stars and ignite a fire outlining the constellation.

 Installing the rocks for the performance

Installing the rocks for the performance

Minnesota Waldorf School Iron Pour.

September 25th, 2014

70 East County Road B
St. Paul, MN 55117


The Evening before Michaelmas ….  Iron on Earth.

We are excited to announce that in honor of the shooting stars and the iron they bring to earth, Minnesota Waldorf School will host an iron pour on -th,  at 6 p.m.  Jim Brenner, our guest teacher/artist and MWS parent, is guiding the Upper Grades (6 – 8 grade) students in creating beautiful works of art out of iron.  If you have happened to see the classes working on their molds in the back parking area, you have experienced their growing excitement.  All are invited to attend the dramatic culmination of this project and witness the pouring of molten iron into the students’ molds.

Chicago Fire Festival.

October 4th, 2014

Chicago, IL

One out of several artists that are collaborating with Redmoon Theatre creating different elements for this event.

Testing projection boat!!! One out of 15.

Redmoon in partnership with the City of Chicago and the Chicago Park District, presents The Great Chicago Fire Festival, celebrating Chicago’s epic resurgence and strength after the Great Fire of 1871, and the grit of its people that propelled us forward to build anew.

Paradise Iron.

August 16-23 2014

Columbus, IN

  • Cast Iron event: Fri Aug 22 7-11pm
  • Artist Residency: Aug 16-23
  • Exhibition Opening: Aug Fri 22
  • Community workshops: Wed 20, Thurs 21 4-7 pm Fri 22 11am -2pm

An exchange between Arts, Industry and community hosted by CE Systems.

Summer Celebrations.

June 5,17,20

July 17,19

August 2,5,8,10,16,24,30

Chicago, IL

In the Summer of 2014, join Redmoon, urban celebrations and fulfill their core civic mission to provide powerful and massive outdoor Spectacle to all of Chicago for FREE. Participate in this line-up of free art and performance throughout the city... and join in the Spectacle.

Art a Whirl.

Saturday,  May 17th  Noon-8:00 p.m.

Sunday, May 18th Noon-5:00 p.m

In front of Franconia in the City Gallery. 1720 Madison Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 

NE Delegation Fundraiser. Next to my son's lemonade stand. Awesome lemonade and art! What could be better?

Support the Delegation's outreach to Ambassador the Art of Cast metal in Pedvale Latvia at the 7th International Conference of Contemporary Cast Iron Arts.


Celebrate the Installation of NE Library's photographic frieze.

Saturday May 10, 1 pm

NE Library. 2200 Central Ave. NE. Minneapolis

  • View the 40" x 4" digitally printed photographic frieze
  • Interact with the artists
  • Hear from the elected and library officials
  • Create your own mini frieze
  • Celebrate the role of Public Art

Funded by One Percent for Art In collaboration with the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association and the Friends of the Northeast Library