North Star Pour: Waldorf

Minnesota Waldorf School
Maplewood, MN
October 26, 2014

A project in conjunction with the Minnesota Waldorf School. James Brenner Sculpture and the 5th + 8th grade classes produced artwork in the form of stars. These stars took the form of five constellations, each defined by an open glowing star and the line of fire, cast during the North Star Performance Pour at the Annual Michaelmas Celebration.

Part of the Michaelmas Celebration and story included a sword and dragon that we casted in iron. 

Studio Crew: Jim Brenner, Andrew Fernandez, Julia Sisson, Meagan Daus, Carolina Borja
Waldorf Team: Gideon Weick, Deborah Dornemann, Master Blacksmith Chris Poor, 6th and 8th Waldorf students
Staff: Mr. Craig, Mrs. Amy, Mr. Curt
Casting Crew: Nick Wells, Elena Lavorato, Brighton McCormick, Amber White, Cassandra Rebn, Woody Shauffer, Carl Otstad, Yousif Del Valle
Photos: Vaara Ostrin
Music: Jaxon Vesely