The iron pour happening in Atlanta focuses on the possibilities of transformation. We want the community to witness iron casting as a transformative process, so we're bringing open-face molds in addition to shovel handles. These molds allow an emotional transformation to become visual and then tangible.

We'll be melting guns on April 6th. A full schedule of events can be found at Lead to Life

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Getting Ready for Atlanta!

We're getting ready for April 6th! Meet us in Atlanta to melt guns, cast shovels, and reimagine violence.

You can find the entire week's schedule of events at Lead to Life

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Lead to Life Iron Pour

I'm excited to announce an iron pour in collaboration with Lead to Life. On April 6th in Atlanta GA, guns collected from the city will be melted and cast into shovels for tree planting. This event, along with a series of other events, honors the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's assassination. Learn more about the upcoming Atlanta events here.


In 1996 I collaborated with Karen Sontag to produce a 4,000 pound sculpture created from melted guns obtained from a Hennepin County gun collection program. 6,109 guns had been collected in six days. The final sculpture, titled "Phoenix Rising, speaks to the transformative quality of melting and casting gun metal. 

Gun violence continues to plague our society. In continuing this dialogue I hope that we can rise from the ashes.

Preparations for the iron pour are well under way!


Central Park West: Process

Have you ever wondered how it all works?


The design process begins with a collection of ideas. These ideas are transformed and ultimately narrowed to produce a single concept. The concept is then developed into a series of drawings that undergo extensive revision to ensure the best possible sculpture.

Drawings courtesy of Aaron Marx of Marx Studio


The fabrication process begins with a collection of materials. Each material is manipulated in preparation for the final assembly. This can involve cutting, fitting, welding, grinding, sanding, cleaning, stacking, glueing, painting, and much more. Once all the pieces are ready, they come together to form the final sculpture. This particular sculpture was built in parts. The central sphere was made in the studio while the surrounding sphere was constructed entirely on site.

Ringin' in the New Year

The sculpture at Central Park West was completed just in time for the new year! The formal unveiling will be this spring. Stay posted for dates! 


Rings going up at Central Park West

2017 Iron Pour at MN Waldorf School

An annual children-guided powerful performance centered on overcoming personal challenges and performed in honor of each student’s internal transformation.

Following a parent and student ceremony, James Brenner Sculpture led the iron pour in creating five star constellations with fire lines connecting the glowing stars. During the previous month, the children worked on identifying their personal challenges and created images that reflect the qualities that are necessary to overcome those challenges. This imagery was carved into sand molds in the shape of stars that created the constellations. A large open faced community iron project culminated the pour.



Working on grinding benches for the Central Park West

Nearly a Sphere

Almost done with the layers for the Central Park West sculpture!

Layering and Lighting

Setting sphere layers in place and running the fiber optic cable through for Central Park West sculpture, it's coming along well!

Current Project

My sculpture for St Louis Park and Golden Valley - a gateway piece situated in a community connection space at Central Park West-  is underway! Check back soon to see a time lapse fabrication video of the glass, steel, and fiber optic LED sphere.









Finalist for Outdoor Sculpture in Marshall MN

Getting ready to present an outdoor sculpture project for Marshall MN. The City of Marshall with the Marshall Area Fine Arts Council lead an effort to recruit and select an artist to create a sculpture for the Avera Plaza. 

My concept will be on display during the month go may for the public to look at and comment. Looking forward to the results!!



Gulf Coast Green 2016

Heading to Houston!!! Gulf Coast Green is a symposium and expo conference about green building. This years' theme is Smart Design which includes art, architecture and sustainability. I am excited to be participating as a speaker and talking about Art as a catalyst for change.

For more information on the event

April 28th, 2016

smART Design:

The intersection of art, architecture and sustainability

Midtown Arts and Theatre Center Houston (MATCH)

3400 Main Street 

Houston, TX 77002