Restoring Balance III
In collaboration with Liz Dodson

Steel, sculpted jade glass, sand, video projection
4' x 4' x 8'

Our bodies are made mostly of water.  Linking us to the life-sustaining rivers, lakes, and oceans that comprise the majority of our planet. Water moves through our landscapes and comes to us as rain and snow. It nurtures our souls in the still lakes, flowing rivers and crashing waves. This hydrologic cycle is a dance: between heat and cold, sun and moon, land and sky, gravity and evaporation. These different states of being: Liquid, Solid and Gas are in constant flux. Nature always her perfect balance. We are part of nature but enter into this delicate dance in a different way than The Elements to create a new balance. How will we be apart of this dance? What will be our part. Give the “Plumb-bob a gentle push to make your mark in the sand. Step into the dance.